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Our first kick meeting in Utrecht

Intan Chalid

Our first kick meeting officially has made on May 28-30th, 2022 in the Vening Meinesz Building, at Utrecht University. For fellow’s individual presentation, the meeting was set for our individual research project such as foreseen research, training, and secondment, but generally, the agenda of the meeting was all about the recruitment report, deliverables, milestone, future activities, etc.

Our first day started with an EU mid-term check by REA (Research Executive Agency), the coordinator, and ESR’s presentations. Almost all the scientists in charge and the representatives of the partner organizations attended the meeting in person also via a video conference and everything went smoothly as we received the positive remark of the mid-term evaluation from REA just a week ago (June 7, 2022).

The second day was related to the social event in the morning and ended with a supervisory board meeting in the afternoon. In the morning type of activity, the PI’S and ESR’S split the activities. We ESRs visited the Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum) and it was a magnificent place as it had a 4D simulator that we could experience for real and be the driver at the same time.

In the afternoon session, we came back from our joy to the Vening Meinesz Building to continue our meeting regarding the work packages. We noted that the work packages were classified into 6 science work packages that involved the lower, middle, and upper continental crust of field approaches, analytical laboratory techniques, training, and modeling in which all the individual ESR had their own task to accomplish based on our objective goals within 3 years. The last and the most important part of the work packages was dissemination and outreach, which community we had to deliver our research work. This is what we are now delivering our activities through the website.

On the last day, we had a free topic to share of how for instance we settled in during the pandemic situation also we summarized some plans for the coming training and future activities such as the fluid inclusion workshop in Aachen, and Torino, also the summer school program in Cap de Creus at the end of June.

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