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Intan Chalid – ESR 1.

Timescales of fluid mobility during metamorphic devolatilisation by 40Ar/39Ar stepwise crushing of vein minerals

Intan Chalid

Institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Primary supervisor: professor dr. J.R. Wijbrans 

Country of origin: Indonesia

Languages: Indonesian and English

Contact email:

About me

As geochemist, I specialize on the time framework of fluid-rock interactions on quartz veins in the French Pyrenees. I also studied fluid-rock interactions in the geothermal field in Oyasu-Uenotai-Akinomiya area, Japan. My experience in these places has given me extensive knowledge of geochemical processes in various geological contexts.

About the project 

The Pyrenean terrane, a geological region, has experienced distinct geological processes at various points in time, including periods of metamorphism. The greenschist facies, which is considered a subsequent phase of recrystallization in the upper crust, led to the migration of fluids. 

Specific research objectives (and hypothesis):

1. Utilize the 40Ar/39Ar dating method to establish a precise timeline for the saline brine infiltration in veins

Hypothesis: The geologic event that occurred during the Cretaceous – Paleogene period is believed to have caused a substantial uplift and the formation of multiple folded and fault zones within the main mountain range in the Pyrenees.

2. Examine the changes in thermal fluids between host rocks and veins across different time periods of the metamorphic with stable isotope analysis.

Hypothesis: The fluid flow dynamics of thermal evolution in the initial phases of metamorphism in host rocks will exhibit notable distinctions compared to the later stages found in the veins.

3. Investigate the impact of temporal variations in water-rock interactions on mineralogical transformations by thorough examinations of the veins’ mineralogy.

Hypothesis: Extended exposure to saline brine will result in gradual changes in modest variation of their mineral compositions and crystal structures of the veins.

4. Conduct a comprehensive fluid inclusion study and stable isotope analysis (D/H or 18O and 16O) to ascertain the source and of the fluids involved in metamorphic processes.

Hypothesis: metamorphism draws fluid from various fluid sources, and this aims to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of metamorphic dynamics.



Institution : Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands