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Intan Chalid – ESR 1.

Timescales of fluid mobility during metamorphic devolatilisation by 40Ar/39Ar stepwise crushing of vein minerals

Intan Chalid

Institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Primary supervisor: professor dr. J.R. Wijbrans 

Country of origin: Indonesia

Languages: Indonesian and English

Contact email:

About me

I am a geochemist with interests in fluid-rock interactions. My research interests mostly deal with fluids and heat from local to regional extent recently. I started studying isotopes and water chemistry in the Japanese thermal springs, groundwaters affected by hot springs, and hydrothermal alterations in the Japanese geothermal energy production in 2015 where the types of waters vary with magmatic to meteoric water whilst the types of wells in the geothermal energy also vary from water-dominated to vapor-bearing wells.
My current research in the southern Pyrenees is focused on metamorphic fluid history from the deeper-middle-upper crust in which takes a number of distinct episodes during metamorphic transformations of mountain building throughout geochemical and kinetics approaches.

About the project 

In my research project, we examine the nature of fluids at different crustal levels during metamorphism including several different conditions and mechanisms occupying fractures in geologic timescales.

H4SiOneutral species in solution with increasing temperature and pressure is another important control on solubility, supersaturated, and precipitated as quartz minerals. Therefore, some geochemical tools must be occupied to understand about the chemical compounds, chemistry of the fluids under metamorphic conditions.

In addition to this, the pressure of the flow rate of the fluid study in which rocks are able to withstand or no more than particular excess pressure is also part of our consideration to understand the scenario of major implications for fluid motion.


My research studies deal with the multiple dimensions vary with depth in Earth’s crust and in the end could tell us the sequence of vein- forming events entirely in the Pyrenees mountain. 



Institution : Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands