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Maude Julia – ESR 3.

Quantifying processes of fluid-rock interaction at the nanoscale

Maude Julia

Hosted by: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

Primary supervisor: Prof. Christine Putnis (WWU Münster) 

Country of Origin: France

Languages: French, English

Contact email:


About Me

Before starting my PhD in Münster I was studying Materials’ Chemistry in France in Clermont-Ferrand. I obtained in 2020 an Engineering diploma in Material Chemistry from the engineering school SIGMA Clermont and a Master in Materials Science from the Université Clermont Auvergne. I am interested in the study of the chemical and physical properties of materials as well as in developing new synthesis ways or use for new or well-known materials. 


About the project

The interactions occurring at the mineral-water interface greatly influences the geochemical cycles of many elements. The composition of naturals waters and the flux of material through the hydrosphere are largely controlled by the weathering of minerals and the precipitation of new phases. The mineral-water interface plays a fundamental role in these processes and is of interest in various fields of study.

In this PhD project I will study mineral-water interaction and interface at the nanoscale for common minerals as carbonates or silicates. The aim is to study replacement reactions that can lead to porosity development and element mobilisation. I will observe the mineral-fluid interface with Atomic Force Microscopy and other methods to see the effect of fluid composition, pH, ionic strength or temperature on these reactions and improve our understanding of the mineral-fluids interaction at their interface. This research can provide information about the interaction of minerals with problematics elements in naturals water as heavy metals or fertilizers and could help developing environmental remediation methods to sequester these toxic elements produced during anthropogenic activity.

Contact details

Institution: WWU Münster, Institute für Mineralogie, Corrensstraße 24 D-48149 Münster, Germany

Contact email: