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International Science Conference on FLUIDS IN THE EARTH



The conference will cover topics related to fluids in the Earth: from the nanoscale to deep crustal metamorphism. The organisers welcome contributions from researchers interested in these important topics, including environmental issues and potential remediation strategies.



The conference is organised by the EU ITN FluidNET to be held in Heraklion, Crete.

It will be held in the Aquila Atlantis Hotel, Heraklion where accommodation can be reserved.



Tuesday – Thursday 19-21 March 2024 + a field trip on Friday 22 March.


Registration fee = 120 euro  ( drinks / lunch / dinner included)  –Registration and payment tool – see button below.

Our preliminary Programme

Our Keynote Speakers

Professor Roberta Rudnick of UC-Santa Barbara; specialist in lower crustal geochemistry


Abstract title: Halogens in the continental crust with implications for volatile cycling

Janet Hergt, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Melbourne; specialist in igneous geochemistry


Abstract title: Creating an artist’s canvas: fluid-rock interactions across Murujuga, Western Australia

Professor Bjørn Jamtveit, Oslo University; specialist in the physics of geological processes and porous media


Abstract title: Dynamics of the lower crust during orogeny

Professor Bruce Yardley, emeritus University of Leeds and Chief Geologist of the UK Radioactive Waste Management Directorate; specialist in fluid petrology

Abstract title: Water-rock interaction: lessons from the radioactive waste community

jose Alberto
José Alberto Padrón-Navarta from National Scientific Research Institute – CSIC – Granada 


Abstract title: Redox dehydration: a new twist in the interpretation of isograds

Thanushika Gunatilake, Postdoc at ETH Zürich – Specializing in the role of fluids in seismogenesis


Abstract title: The Relationship Between Devolitization and Aftershocks in Subduction Zones

Conference registration form

Abstract submission

We hereby invite you to submit your abstract. The program committee will decide which session your abstract may be assigned to.

For questions about the submission process and abstract requirements please fill out the abstract form or send an email to


Submit your abstract to

DEADLINE: 20 december 2023  

abstract committee :  Dr. Helen King and Prof. dr. C.V. Putnis

Abstract form for questions! 


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For the abstract, please use font Times New Roman at 12pt for title and text body.

List of authors, affiliation, contact details, captions, and references can be at 10pt.

References can beshortened to author (group), journal abbreviation, and year of publication.

You are welcome to include as many figures as you like. However, the entire abstract must
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 Font: Times New Roman
 Font size: 12 for title and text body, 10 everything else
 Margin: 2.54cm each side (standard setting in MS Word)
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