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Upcoming team events

Aachen, Germany
Technical knowledge, practical applications, data approaches

5 days’ summer school with field activities (Cap de Creus) and the Research in Progress event.

Approaches to modelling, technical skills, practical applications.

Media training, engagement with different audiences, presentation skills.

CV writing, interview skills, managing commercial projects, intellectual property, working in different industries.

Recent team events

After the long pandemic, for the first time, FluidNET members met with other university members live. We shared information with each other and exchanged ideas about future research. This was also a time reserved for 12 young ESRs to introduce themselves and their projects. We extend our deepest regards to the EU project Officer – Giuliana Donini coordinating the Midterm review. 

Also we would like to express our deep gratitude to the family of the Utrecht University who welcomed us throughout the whole process, and to Mr. Oliver Pluemper for the organization. 

During the week 7-11 February, in Barcelona, we (the ESRs of FluidNET) gathered in our first in-person meeting. We were very happy to meet our colleagues, talk with them about our projects and network with each other.

Introduction to ESR research projects: 


Weds 26th 2022 – presentations day 1 – upper crustal levels

Thu 27th 2022 – presentations day 2 –  middle and lower crustal levels

Weds 26th January 2022 – ESR international culture workshop
  • introduce the concept and significance of engaged research and the values underpinning high-quality engagement
  • support ESR upstream planning for engaged research by exploring: 
    • motivations for engagement and its relevance to their research
    • strategies for identifying ‘stakeholders’ (note inclusive definition of stakeholders);
    • strategies and methods for working with different stakeholder communities;
    • routes for engaging with stakeholders

This series of meetings will introduce the ESRs to the FluidNet coordination team and the Research, Training and Communication strategies of FluidNet. ESRs will split into teams to tackle an assignment to be delivered before the January Network meeting.

15 October 2021
12 November 2021
10 December 2021

Due to COVID the Kick-off meeting was organized using Zoom as the platform. All PI’s were present, and for VU Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Milano, also the Co-PI were present. For each of the 21 ESR position 2 candidates were interviewed. One candidate received a wildcard. In the end 25 candidates were interviewed.

Submission of applications: January – March 2021

Deadline applications: 1 March 2021

Interviews: March – April 2021

Appointment of successful candidates: July – December 2021

First fieldwork: September – October 2021 (conditions permitting)

Interviews will be conducted in the form of an interview workshop to be held late March – early April 2021.

Appointment follows in negotiation with the partners’ institution individually.